Sunday, November 21, 2010

Waiting for the New Year

So, for my first audition. I definitely was nervous, but I felt like I performed a solid audition.  The directors were really complimentary afterwards. Close but, no cigar.  I was definitely a good experience and will, hopefully, get all of my pre-audition jitters out of the way. I didn't go to the other auditions since I didn't make call backs simply because of finances getting in the way.  So, here's looking to the New Year's.  I'm looking forward to having a new year full of auditions as soon as the holidays are over.

Monday, November 15, 2010

Beginning My Journey

The weird thing that you come to realize after college, is that once you're out, you're no longer pushed.  You take a job, you settle down and everyone pats you on the back as though to say, "Good job, we won't bother expecting much more from you except to be happy."  Luckily, just being happy doesn't work for me.

So here I am, sitting in a Starbucks waiting for my very first audition.  No, it's not Broadway yet, but it's a start.  Getting married to be best man in the world hasn't kept me from fulfilling my desires to sing, but has only encouraged it.  So I've been working on my goal of becoming an Equity Actor.  For those of you who don't know, joining this actor's union will allow me to get into better auditions, get unemployment between shows, health insurance, basic things.  Since I can't just pack up and run to Broadway any longer, I'm auditioning at various equity theaters to try and achieve this status.  So here I am, a suburb out of Denver Colorado waiting on my audition for the King and I.  Those of you who know my days as a little girl might remember that this particular show was what sparked my dreams for broadway in the first place.  So, as my first audition, it's kind of symbolic to me.

I've been warming my voice all day, I've got my audition piece prepared, headshots are with my resume, I have my favorite vintage dress on and of course, my game face.  I'm ready to face the world.  I'm only hoping out of this audition to at least make call backs.  I don't want to get my hopes up too much, after all this is my first audition out of what will probably be hundreds.

Audition Schedule:

Monday Nov. 15
     The Lion in Winter @ Arvada Arts Center- noon
     The King and I @ The Candlelight Dinner Theatre- 3:00pm
Saturday Nov. 20
     The Fantasticks Audition @ Union Colony Dinner Theatre
Sunday Nov. 21
     The King and I Callbacks
Monday Nov. 22
     The Fantasticks Callbacks